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Littlest Pet Shop Checklist

A Simple Identification Page To Help You Know What Series Your Littlest Pet Belongs To.

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The littlest pet shop list has been an ever growing and constantly evolving monster of a spreadsheet for a few years now. With well over 2000 pets as of 2011, there seems to be no limit on the number of pets Hasbro will release.

The checklist on this page is nowhere near a complete reference but hopefully it will get you started off in the right direction in identifying your little pets.

Aquarium Friends

Members of this group include the Hermit Crab #62 & #188, a few Turtles #187 and #350, Seahorse #348, Frog #236, Iguanas #29 and #97.

Cuddliest Pets

This group is easily identified by their flowery painted bodies as well as a flower shaped pupil. Some members of this group are Butterfly #497, Polar Bear #470, Yellow Pig #475, White Cow #476, and Gray Lamb #477.

 Dog Days Pets

This group includes obviously many breeds of dogs including; German Sheppard, White Poodle Puppy, Dalmatian and a cute Beagle just to mention a few.

Fanciest Pets

The Fanciest Series are well received and can be identified by their characteristic diamond shaped pupils. Included in this group is the Pink Cat #460 as well as the Pink Dragonfly #503 among several others. They seem also to have particular attention paid to the eyelashes, making them look more elegant than other series.

Littlest Pets

The Littlest Pets are identified by their pupils containing 3 small circles in a triangular shape as their pupils. Included in this group are the Frog #479, Girl Monkey #501, Purple Butterfly #478 as well as the Pink Bunny #500 to name a few.


Playground Pals

The Littlest Pet Shop Pets that come in this group consists of theSquirrel and Bird #131 & 132, Yellow Chick #290, Beagle & Kitten on swing #113 & #114, Police Dog #357. As always there are many more Little Pets in each category and all will be eventually added to this list.


Punkiest Pets

The Punkiest Series Pets are currently in wave 1 and includes the Punk Iguana, Bat and Caterpillar and come in both special and limited edition versions.


Sportiest Pets

Included in this group are the #517 White Pelican, #518 Light Brown Dachshund and #519 Yellow Fish, these pets all come in the Littlest Pet Shop Seaside Celebration as well as the Ostrich #516 which comes in his own play set also with accessories.

Springtime Fun Pets

Squeaky Clean Pets

This adorable group of little pets includes quite a few different play sets including Rub-a-dub-dub, it s time to get in the tub!, which comes with Turtle #149, Duck #150, and Brown & White Dog #151. Also included are the cute miniature accessories like a mini toy duck, frog, bathtub and shower with fake water pouring, towel, curlers, bubbles, eye mask, mini toy boat, cute miniature plastic bottles, etc

Summertime Pals

Super Sassy Pets

Sweet 'n Neat Pets

Totally Talented Pets

VIP Pets

Collecting All The Littlest Pet Shop, Great Fun for The Whole Family

Hasbro has released almost every animal imaginable. There are the obvious cats and dogs (in almost every breed), guinea pigs and hamsters but then there are the more exotic animals like the chinchilla, sugar glider, seahorse, cockatoo and a pig. There is also a skunk that reminds me of Pepe Le Peu.

Other interesting Littlest Pet Shop Pets include the lamb, snail, and numerous spiders of different colors. In a recent wave Hasbro has released a new horse, seal, polar bear, cow, giraffe and dragonfly as well a wildly popular and hard to find octopus, ostrich and pelican. Each has their own accessories and collectible number

My son's favorites are the frog, turtle, iguana, raccoon and hermit crabs. In addition to all these diverse pet types, there are several assorted molds available with different colored eyes and/or bodies all with a unique number for easy collecting. So far they have released around 600 of The Littlest Pet Shop Pets and that number is increasing as each new toy season passes.

Late last year (2007) we started to see the style of the pets change slightly to include flowery paint jobs and eyes altered using different shapes for the pupils. This was done to reflect the series of the pet. Those different series are Sportiest, Fanciest, Friendliest, Littlest, and Cuddliest.

A few designs have been rather disappointing. While we were excited for the release of a peacock, the design was quite a letdown as we were expecting something of much more beauty. The head is larger than any other of The Littlest Pet Shop pets. On the other hand, Bratz Lil Angelz has released a few peacocks that really are stunning and have quickly been added to our collection.

Another letdown was the new parrot. While the pet itself was unique and new to the collection, he wears an eye patch that cannot be removed. We adore him but this was a first for The Littlest Pet Shop.

Currently Hasbro is chartering some new territory with Limited Edition Extreme pets. There are 2 series that we know of so far, Punkiest Edition Series 1 including the Bat, Caterpillar and Iguana, and Grooviest Edition Series 2 which will include a Sheepdog, Owl and Billy Goat.

These have their own little charm and will most likely appeal to a new crowd all together. The PunkiestPets have an 80's style punk rock appeal while the Grooviest Pets are more of a 60's hippie style.

At first I was completely turned off by this change, until I saw some of the new pets in person, we were right back on board. We previously collected every single pet, but with the changes mentioned above, we decided to only collect the more unique pets.

If you’re looking for a great community full of information about Littlest Pet Shop check out the LPS Collectors Forum where there are many more collectors with a ton of useful information pertaining to these wonderful little toys.

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