Littlest Pet Shop Collectors 8 Pack New For 2010!

Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop Collectors Pack 8 Pet 72693German ShephardDachshund
Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop Collectors Pack 8 Pet 72693German ShephardDachshund
US $9.99

This Littlest Pet Shop Collector's Pack is new for 2010 and contains 8 LPS animals numbered #1362 thru #1369. The packaging has been updated with a new shape and orange color which is different than any other littlest pet shop pack. This is the first 8 pack that Hasbro has done for Littlest Pet Shop that I am aware of. Previously Hasbro has released 10, 15 or 20 packs which also included multiple accessories; however, it looks like they may be scaling back a bit, this particular pack of pets only includes the eight LPS collectible figures with no accessories. These pets also include the new LPS tattoo that has been painted on the newer pets recently.Littlest-Pet-Shop-Collectors-8-pack
This 8 pack includes the following pets:

#1362 Brown German Shepherd dog with green eyes and light tan ears and toes
#1363 Tan Cat with blue eyes licking paw
#1364 Cream Cat with blue eyes and brown feet with little pink toes
#1365 Light Orange Gecko with green eyes and darker orange spots and toes
#1366 Light Pink Bunny with brown eyes and one brown ear and brown feet
#1367 Lavender Dachshund with aqua eyes and darker purple ears and toes
#1368 Dark Grey Guinea Pig with blue eyes and pink toes
#1369 Green Parrot with blue eyes and yellow head and tail feathers

The case measures about 11-inches tall x 10 1/2-inches wide x 2 1/2-inches deep. It will hold about 50 loose pets and is great for taking pets on the go. The colors stated above are my own descriptions from looking at the actual pets which we did purchase from Wal-Mart just a couple of days ago. Our littlest pet shop collection currently contains over 1300 pets and counting. We will be reviewing them and releasing new information about the newest littlest pet shop as time permits.

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