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  • I.D. Your Littlest Pet Shop
    Littlest Pet Shop animals are sometimes difficult to identify when not in Hasbro packaging, use this littlest pet shop list to help ID them easily.
  • Littlest Pet Shop History
    Littlest Pet Shop history and information relating to their creation. Most pets have a story, the older "Vintage Pets" are sought by collectors.
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  • Chilliest
    Littlest Pet Shop Chilliest pets including the Bunny, Chinchilla, Saint Bernard, Penguin and Horse are easily recognized by the snowflake in their eyes. Their corresponding numbers are 684, 685, 686, 687 and 689.
  • Cuddliest
    Searching for Littlest Pet Shop Cuddliest Pets? Hasbro has released Cuddliest series Polar Bear,Chinchilla, Pink Owl, Cow, Butterfly, Whippet, Ferret, and Lamb also
  • Fanciest
    Littlest Pet Shop Fanciest Pets are all arranged for a simple browsing and shopping experience. You'll find the latest Littlest Petshop Pets here.
  • Friendliest
    Click here to view Littlest Pet Shop Friendliest Pets including the Kitten #552, Dachshund #556, Poodle #736, Giraffe #526, Seal #555, Rabbit #557, Panda #558, Lion #758, Seahorse #426, Hermit Crab #554,Frog #559
  • Messiest
    Messiest Littlest Pet Shop are no longer being produced, but we have them all listed for your convenience. Included are the Messiest Pug, Skunk, Raccoon, Ferret, Chimpanzee, Basset Hound as well a few Dalmatians also
  • Sportiest
    Littlest Pet Shop Sportiest Pets including the Whale, Seal, Angelfish or Kangaroo as well as other little pets series here.
  • Dogs
    Littlest Pet Shop dogs including the Chihuahua, Corgi, Husky, Dalmatian, Scottie, Dachshund, and Whippet are easily found here.
  • Extreme Grooviest
    Find Littlest Pet Shop Extreme Grooviest including the Goat, Owl and Sheepdog here. We are the best site for all your Extreme pets needs.
  • Extreme Punkiest
    The littlest pet shop Punkiest Bat, Iguana and Caterpillar are all arranged for your shopping convenience.
  • Extreme Mods
    Looking for Littlest Pet Shop Mod Extreme Pets? You're at the right place to find great selections new Extreme Pet Mods.
  • Custom Littlest Pets
    Custom Littlest Pets are unique One Of A Kind (OOAK) creations for collectors and enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Vintage Pets
    Vintage Pet Shop Pets are hard to find anywhere else on the NET, this is your source for Vintage Pets.
  • VIP
    Looking for Littlest Pet Shop VIP or Virtual Interactive Pets? Hasbro released many VIPs including the Ladybug, Spider, Butterfly, Horse, Monkey, and Panda.
  • Liquid07 Auctions
    These are my personal auction pages, included are some Littlest Petshop toys, as well as other items.
  • Aquarium Friends
    Looking for Littlest Pet Shop Aquarium Friends? Hasbro released different aquatic critters including the Seahorse, Hermit Crab, Turtle and Iguana.
  • Springtime Fun Pets
    We have all the Littlest Pet Shop Springtime Fun Pets arranged for your shopping convenience.
  • Littlest Pet Shop Angel Fish
    Several Littlest Pet Shop Angel Fish have been released including numbers 831,643,884,863 check here for all of them.
  • Littlest Pet Shop Armadillo
    littlest pet shop funniest armadillo #638 as well as postcard pet armadillo #1007
  • Littlest Pet Shop Basett Hound
    The Littlest Pet Shop Basset Hound has been released in 6 different variations included are numbers 222, 312, 502, 665, 808 and 964
  • Pet Pairs
    Find all your Littlest Pet Shop Pet Pairs including Walmart Exclusives as well as other hard to find Pets on the go littlest pet shop sets.
  • Playsets
    Littlest Pet Shop play sets are an easy way to begin collecting as they usually contain multiple pets and accessories included with them.
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